EARLY WARNING to Middlesex Centre Residents!!!!

STOP any further development of a potential zoning change and future gravel pit in the Bear creek/Hedley/Ilderton Road Area!!!


Gravel Grades were taken Nov 2009 in this Agricultural (A1) zoned area.



March 2010 Update – Great News!


The large London aggregate company has passed on this property – this was the company that had taken grades in Nov 2009!! The land owner is still trying to peddle this land to any company who will stop by and listen to him.



A promise to ALL potential pit operators


The Environment Protection Act specifies all air, water, noise (ie all pollutants) readings can be taken from a maximum distance of 30m from a residence. 30 metres from a residence directly east (read prevailing westerly wind) of the property in question…is on the property in question. All readings would be monitored on a continual basis and every infraction will be logged and reported. All EPA limits will be enforced at all times. The ambient noise is very low.


PDF Document of the region and where the grades and minimum set backs and issues (~160k)



What to fear…









Why they shouldn’t


·         Large Resource of Gravel already available at Nairn/Ilderton Road www.prodrain.on.ca/lobo/


·         Very difficult to operate aggregate operation within the specified EPA limits with nearby residences



For further information, questions, complaints, letters of support please contact:


·         Email - info@nogravelpit.org


·         Visit www.gravelwatch.org – great site for additional information



What to do…


·         Call your Middlesex Center Councilor….Remember, Elections are this year!



Mr. Al Edmondson
14484 Eight Mile Road
RR 1 Arva
ON N0M 1C0
519 660-0559
Email: wa.edmondson@sympatico.ca

Mr. Albert Bannister
16016 Nine Mile Road
RR 3 Ilderton
ON N0M 2A0
519 461-1119 or Fax 519 461-1706

Councillor Ward 1
Mr. Ken Filson
13292 Ilderton Drive
PO Box 295 Ilderton
ON N0M 2A0
519 666-2770
Email: k.filson@sympatico.ca

Councillor Ward 2
Mr. John Brennan
13082 Medway Road
RR 1 Arva
ON N0M 1C0
519 666-0549

Councillor Ward 3
Mr. Clare Bloomfield
12543 Ilderton Road RR 2
Ilderton ON N0M 2A0
519 666-0978 or Fax 519 666-0261

Councillor Ward 4
Mr. Brian Ritchie
22862 Komoka Road
Komoka ON N0L 1R0
519 657-2084

Councillor Ward 5
Mr. Frank Berze
28 Millmanor Place
Delaware ON N0L 1E0
519 652-1369
Email: fberze@rogers.com



Steps to Control Excess Noise

These comments describe the background information required and procedures to be followed to complain effectively and prevent excess noise from being emitted by industrial sites such as gravel pits and quarries. The same information and procedures are generally applicable if excess noise is being produced by other industries. The comments below are mainly concerned with excess noise being produced in rural areas, but similar advice applies to urban situations. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information given and the procedures suggested are correct. Please inform Gravel Watch Ontario if any of these comments need to be revised. To obtain expert advice, contact a consultant or professional engineer specializing in acoustics and, if necessary, an environmental lawyer.

To control noise, you need to complain.  The good news is that if you have a genuine complaint about excessive noise from an aggregate operation the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) will apply the law and force the aggregate operator to reduce the noise levels to the legal limit. Several members of Gravel Watch Ontario have gone through the complaint process and the offending aggregate operators did in fact reduce the noise to the legal limit.

To complain effectively you need to:

Step 1: Check out the noise.  Know how to determine if the noise from the aggregate operation is exceeding the Ontario Noise Guideline limits and record the information required to make a complaint. For details see Measuring and recording the information needed to make a complaint.

Step 2: Who to complaint to.  Identify who needs to be contacted to officially register the complaint. For details see Persons or groups to be included when registering a complaint.

Step 3: How to complain.  Write and mail the letter of complaint to each person/group identified in Step 2. It is important to realize that the process of making the aggregate operator keep the noise to within the legal limits is complaint-driven. 

Step 4: Follow up.  Follow up the letters of complaint by contacting the appropriate MNR/MOE officials at regular intervals.  See also the MNR/MOE protocol for handling complaints.

Be prepared to repeat steps 1 to 4 on each occasion that the noise exceeds the legal limit. If past experience suggests (or the operator tells you) that the excess noise will continue for several days, make daily measurements (several times a day if possible) and after accumulating a number of violations send the next letter of complaint. The additional complaints are actually a very important part of the process of ensuring that the MNR/MOE takes your initial complaint seriously. Clearly, if the aggregate operator doesn’t seem to care that you have complained to him and to the MNR/MOE, and he continues to break the law it increases the likelihood that the process will move more quickly. The above procedure may seem like a lot of work, and it is. However, if you don’t make up your mind to be persistent until you get results you will be plagued with unreasonable (and illegal) amounts of noise for as long as the pit or quarry operates.